INTERVIEW: UNNO are not ‘silencious’ !

After the release of their first EP ‘As We Land’ in 2015, the French trio UNNO are back with a brand new EP which has been released under the same label as before ‘Nowadays Records’. If you were expecting more of the same think again, this little gem “isn’t as ‘silencious’ as it claims to be” Tismé confirms. The new EP entitled ‘Silence’ combines jazz, hip hop and electronica sounds. A vast and ethereal macrocosm. To find out more about the trio UNNO, the 3  individuals, Awir Léon, J.Kid and Tismé accepted to answer some of our questions…
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INTERVIEW: In the heart of new African music with BATUK

They are three. Spoek, Aero and Manteiga form the BATUK project. By arming their mozambico-south-african culture and their musicians from Uganda, Congo and Mozambique, BATUK offers a fusion of all kinds of trance. A dancing and colorful music, sometimes engaged breathing anger and peace. Here’s what happens when house music or techno embrace percussions and chants of the African continent. ‘Música da terra‘, an album that shakes the glutes…
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INTERVIEW: TheColorGrey AKA Grey, the perfectionist prodigy.


Everything is in the title. TheColorGrey AKA Grey is a Belgian perfectionist prodigy native of Antwerp. It was by chance that we stumbled on his Youtube channel watching his video ‘Sins‘ that wowed us. It is a whole. The quality, the flow, the lyrics, the melody, the INSTRUMENTAL! From there, the sound is played in continuous looped.
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Some of you will know him after following from his debut career after following in 2001, on the Neo Soul scene when he released ‘1st Born Second’ during the Soulquarians era. While others discovered him recently after listening to Kendrick Lamar’s new album on, as he featured on the track ‘These Walls’. But has since came back with a very imaginative and well put together album which had us intrigued from the very first track to the last. Continue reading “BILAL IN ANOTHER ALBUM”



After talking about serious society issues and making us groove with the Saïan Supa Crew as a multi talented  DJ, singer, rapper, beatboxer, songwriter, co-compositor and interpret from 1997 to 2007, Sly Johnson AKA The Mic BUDDAH made his solo reappearance. He comes back to caress our eardrums with his positive vibes which is further prompted by his originality, worthy of the greatest. Continue reading “BUDDHA’S VOICE : SLY JOHNSON”