INTERVIEW: In the heart of new African music with BATUK

They are three. Spoek, Aero and Manteiga form the BATUK project. By arming their mozambico-south-african culture and their musicians from Uganda, Congo and Mozambique, BATUK offers a fusion of all kinds of trance. A dancing and colorful music, sometimes engaged breathing anger and peace. Here’s what happens when house music or techno embrace percussions and chants of the African continent. ‘Música da terra‘, an album that shakes the glutes…

How did that collaboration between Aero, Spoek and Manteiga come about?

Spoek: The collaboration came together for the love of music. For the love of electronic music. For the love of house music, zouk, kuduro and afrotech. We all met when we were 5 years old, then a big flood in our city of Johannesburg separated us. We went our separate ways until one fateful day we found one another at an audition for one of Manteiga’s plays. Aero by that time was a famous producer and DJ, I was a part time erotic dancer and Manteiga an actress and director… We were so happy to reconnect that we started the group with a focus on something we all love: house music.

What factors influenced you to create Batuk project?

Spoek: We wanted to do something banging and something fun… really creative you know. Focus on a variety of sounds and make EPIC visuals and sounds. We want to represent a fresh energy and creative direction from our continent.

Few weeks ago, you dropped your first album ‘Mùsica da terra’. How do you feel about the way your album has been received?

Spoek: It’s been very positive and exciting… it’s just the beginning and we’ll keep sharing the sounds with people across the world.


Your music is multicultural and colorful. How do you combine your respective backgrounds in order to create music with the featured artists on your album?

Spoek: It’s been a very natural and fun process of working with extremely talented and passionate people. That makes it very easy and fun.

You are currently doing your European tour. Congrats! Did you have a culture shock moment?

Spoek: The moment you asked that question. Lol…no….it’s been just fun and we’re touring again in Europe in September and October so people should come see us play!

What is the message you want to spread in the world?

Spoek: A message of universal love. I want people to open up their minds and stop guessing about what other people experience… open up your life to different sounds, experiences, foods, sports….pants!! OUTLAW PREJUDICE!!

Now, we have a pretty serious question… Who is ‘Daniel’?

Spoek: Daniel is you, Daniel is me… Daniel is anyone who just disappears in life… and worries their friends and families. You know that irresponsible disappearing fool. COME BACK DANIEL!!

Is there anyone you’d like to big up?

Spoek: BATUK FAMILIA!! Maud Scandale, Kamel… Everyone who’s contributed their skills and musical and artistic talents to our release… Nandi Ndlovu, Freddy da Stupid, Mash.O, Fever Trails, DJ Spoko, Eltonick, Rudeboyz, Daniel Haaksman and Homeboyz!!

Special thanks to BATUK and Maud Scandale for making this happen !! FORÇA, FORÇA !!

Facebook : BATUK MUSIC / SoundCloud : Batuk_sa


Editorial board : Odionne


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