Let’s take a closer look at the musical talent within Atlanta. Musically, this city is well known for its Dirty South, its Trap, its Snap Music and also its Crunk… Now let’s an even closer look at a rapper who differs from T.I, Outkast, Young Jeezy and cie with his own style. His name is Elhae (Every Life Has An Ending).

On the 3rd of February, Elhae released his ‘Aura’ EP.  We were very impatient waiting for it drop and eventually the time has come. Listening to this new project we found that it is rich and full of soulful vibes with great quality. This EP talks to men as well as women, with an enticing form, conscious content and offers the best of both rap and singing vocally implied by the artist. ‘Aura’ is more than a simple musical project, it’s a new step taken, a sort of rebirth for Elhae. Indeed, after a difficult breakup, he faces depression for a while and even thinks about stopping making music. Fortunately, the MC releases’HER : Ark’s Fall’, a musical therapy which takes roots from his breakup, his pain, his emotions and uses music and writing in its wholeness as an antidote which helps him to mitigate his sorrow. The EP has fascinated a lot of auditors, which encouraged Elhae to pursue his path in the music by releasing one track every Friday, including two of his most recognised tracks ‘The Morning After’ and ‘Colour Kisses’ Achievement.

Following this particular time the ‘Aura’ EP released not long after his breakup. ‘Sam’ will be his first major succes and unexpected at the same time because in fact, it’s a track completely freestyled so brace yourself for an incredible flow, Elhae did not write one word of the song, he just came in the studio and let the vibe escapes on Rascal’s languid beat : boiling-hot impact ! With the same rave (folly ? wandering ?), he records « Drive Me Crazy ». At first, the producer Ayo didn’t really like but Elhae is sure that this track could be a hit, so he insisted for it to be on the tracklist of « Aura ». « Drive Me Crazy » is the 2nd succes of the EP. Finally, he writes « Halway Love » which is inspired by a girl he doesn’t know and he actually never met. He cooperate with a violinist and a saxophonist who make a smooth sound flourishing of soulful beats supported with an extended version. This track is the 3rd and the biggest success of the EP, so much that Hypetrack published a positive feedback, which helped the artist to be projected into a career.

The art and the prior history of the artist are his stature. Yes Elhae, ‘Every Life Has An Ending’ to give way to a better future and as you well said : « Sometime you go into a relationship as one person and come out a totally different one…heartbreak has that effect. ». Due to his musical loophole, he will now go to collaborate with Pharrell, Rick Ross, August Alsina, Jay Prince and go on tour with MMG (Maybach Music Group) and many more amazing collaboration projects to name a few. The best is yet to come from Elhae, to conclude, the Elhae concept in its wholeness seduced us and he has gained our full support!

Twitter : @ELHAE / SoundCloud : Elhae / Instagram : @elhae


Editorial Board : Odionne & Ezekiel


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