Trap93 Official spring EP

Trap93 are back with their official 2015 Spring EP TR93101. The Latest offering from the London based label showcases a range of deep and dark trademark sounds and features tracks from Howie Lee / Balistiq / R.O.M & iLLU.

Well established as the sound of the UK’s underground Trap scene, Trap93’s EP keeps a serene and well poised homely vibe. Embracing their individuality with a strong collection of Trap beats. Full of heavy 808s, synths, strings, trill hi hats and body moving Basslines from some of our favourite producers within the scene.

Their ability to combine producers who are all individually unique and still create an EP that feels collectively complete has not gone unnoticed. Spanning from a vast range of talents, with dream team R.O.M and Deffie’s signature Electronic sound combined with the likes of iLLU’s dark Narco wave, Balistiq’s notorious Grimey UK Bass and Howie Lee’s traditional sounds of Asia. Distinctive and tasteful, TR93101 has a lot to offer to both familiar and new listeners alike.

All in all, a clever and tasteful Trap EP consisting of replay value and longevity which we highly recommend to add to your musical collection.



Editorial Board : Ezekiel


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