Moteleola is a 21 year old producer from South London and has been an emerging talent in the underground music scene who we have kept our eyes on for a while. We wanted to get to know a bit more about the producer so recently at UGF, we took the time to interview one of our favourite young talents from the UK. The Interview goes as follows.

How did you first discover your love for producing and beatmaking ?

My younger brother Taunts was always rapping as part of his group, SWB, so in way I was always around the creation side of music in a sense. I’ve always loved music, in secondary school more so grime, but during college and since it’s been me and hip hop. I started beatmaking during my second year of college, I was appalling at it, but my love persisted where my skill failed to flourish. I love the emotion incredible music can evoke and the lessons it can teach. I learned about life from Jay Z and Kanye West than I did from any school teacher.

Which of your tracks are you most proud of and why ?

This changes weekly, but at the moment an unreleased song now titled ‘FXCKLIFE’. A beat I originally produced this year back in May when I was going through a creative drought. I immediately emailed it over to Remus on the same day, who later managed to get Cee Major to feature on, making it that much more incredible, set to be on his upcoming album some time this year. Everything from how theatrical the sample plays, to how thick and full the multiple layers of kick drums thump, to the reverberating cymbals in the background makes it all sound absolutely epic !

We can hear this hip hop jazzy 90’s-ish sonority in your prods. Tell us more where did you find this inspiration… Any particular influences ?

As far as influences go my favourite producers of this year have been Illmind, Apollo Brown, Dj Dahi, Key Wane & Boi 1da. I’m a lover of great production. I think a good beat makes you bop your head, however an incredible beat leaves you wondering what planet the person who created it crash landed from. I love how old school boom-bap soulful beats sound but I also appreciate new age production too. I think Logic’s ‘Under Pressure’ album has the best balance between the two spectrums so far, with the beats sounding boom-bap, but also a hint of trap in there too or even half-time BPMs. I try to exercise this balance too within my production. I adore ’70s jazz, soul, gospel and prog rock, so when I sit down to make a beat, these are typically the records that I scour through.

 How do you define your music ?

Music that elicits emotion. Whether that be sadness or introspectiveness through dark chords or eerie samples, to aggression or passion through the use of bolstering upbeat drums. I try to give listeners the same feeling I get when I’m listening to songs that have become part of my life.


 Which artist would you like to produce for ?

My unrealistic farfetched dream would be to be everybody’s in-house producer. Aside from that I’d love to continue building a catalogue of songs with artists I currently already frequently collaborate. As for other artists, I’d love to get the oppurtinity to produce for Lil Simz, Mick Jenkins, Cozz to name a few I’ve been listening to recently.

 Are there any well known instrumentals you wish to have produced ?

The second half of Drake’s ‘Furthest Thing’, produced by Jake One, I listen to this song super loud before I start a beat-making session. I can’t not rap along when this song comes on !

 What are your plans for the future ?

I’m really working to have my project ‘Oasis Black’ complete for early 2015 and really give it the proper push and justice of promotion throughout the entire year that it deserves. I hope to continue gaining notoriety working with talented artists and hone my craft even further making breath taking music along the way.


Is there anyone you’d like to mention ? 

Thank you first and foremost for this opportunity. Thank you to everyone I’ve had the chance to produce for up to this point and everyone who’s supported and showed love, I truly appreciate it all and always take note.

Twitter : @moteleola_ / SoundCloud : Moteleola


Editorial board : Odionne & Ezekiel


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