In our latest UGF post, we’re going to focus on Studio Pioneers and one of its members who comes from a new wave of fashion designers.

Firstly, Studio Pioneers is a collective created by Amada, a young Ethiopian who moved to London at the age of 6 with his mother and little sister, he now studies as a film student. His collective consist of a range of different artists who vary from Lxpini, a 17 year old visual artist. Triill Will, a student in fashion & textiles at UAL Saint Martins. Roxanne, videographer and Alexandra, student in fashion and photography for the love of it…

The Focus is on Mac-Audray, a 20 years old fashion designer full of ideas. Also member of Studio Pioneers, Mac stands out in his path, his passion for fashion, his hard work and his thirst for success.


Judging by his anticlimactic social life and willingness to do something new in his life, at the age of 15, this young man who grew to then leave France for the London underground scene. Studying english language, Mac-Audray quickly realizes that the mentality of British people is open minded and in London, « we can become who we want ». He also added « I realized that what I was looking for, it was this feeling of belonging to something and here I can feel this feeling. I started to be interested in fashion, custom my pants and do the same for my entourage ».

Ezekiel, our reporter at UGF was in Battersea to assist the photo shoot of his new collection inspired by Ancient Egypt and some of the outfits from Naruto, which is his favourite manga. Both say that the vibe was dope with additional vibes also being provided by background music with sounds from Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott and OG Maco to mention just a few. Mac-Audray took time to sit down and be interviewed.

Why Studio Pioneers ?

Studio Pioneers because it’s a group of dedicated young people interested in art and fashion in general. Amongst us, we have photographers, designers, videographers and we represent all of theses areas. With a common agreement, we choose this name because we always work in a studio converted for us.

What gave you to create your own clothing brand ?

What made me start my own clothing brand was the envy to bring something new to the table that nobody has done before. I wanted to mix religion, ethnicity and colours together.

On set for the photo shoot of your latest collection, we noticed that the street style was gaudy. How do you think it’s important that the representation of street style has to be associated to a brand ?

It’s really important to represent street style in a brand because nowadays it’s vital to knew how to be a part of the fashion culture and of course, a lot of people are concerned by this style, it’s very important to represent it. Especially in 2014, huge year for fashion!

While we’re at it, tell us more about your latest collection…

My latest collection was based on two elements. The shape of the clothes were taken from Naruto and with the shades, I wanted to give colours off which reminded me of the Ancient Egyptians. The character who inspired me the most for this work was Danzô Shimura form Naruto.

What about your next collection ? 

The next one is coming in April 2015. It’s a collection for a company based in Amsterdam named « Styled By ». I am currently working on it.

Which designer would like to work with that corresponds most to your brand?

The one celebrity I would  want to work with would be Pharrell Williams, without any hesitation. I think both me and him could bring and invent something which is missing from fashion and this routine which is life !

Instagram : @studiopioneers & @9_is_my_name


Reporter : Ezekiel / Editorial board : Odionne & Ezekiel


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