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With a listless nonchalant flow, an impertinent rap style, salacious rhymes and also some very elaborate punch lines, Joke has won over the planet with rap. This young rapper from Montpellier (South of France) is the offspring of a Togolese mother and a Spanish father. He is building up an ego trip in the French rap scene.

Starting at an early age, he already showed signs that he was interested in rap and also began sharing a few of his tracks on MySpace as a teenager. Tracks which captured Teki Latex’s (TTC) full attention and eventually enabled Joke to record his first street album ‘Prêt pour l’argent’ in 2009. Thereafter, Jokeezy records the 1.5 version of this album, including a featuring with Action Bronson & Riski Metekson ‘Batmobile’.

But the click trigger mechanism brought out his first EP ‘Kyoto’ in 2012 which included such tracks as ‘MTP Anthem‘ & ‘Scorpion‘ which astonished French rap fans. After growing in confidence, he drops a second EP in 2013 named ‘Tokyo’. With hit tracks like ‘Django‘, ‘Harajuku‘, ‘Louis XIV‘ or whether ‘Max B’ (with a big up of Max B HIMSELF at the end of the song) the songs became a bombshell all over the internet and Joke confirmed as the new hope of French rap.

Eventually he dropped his first album signed with Def Jam France named ‘Ateyaba’ in 2014. The album includes an eagerly awaited featuring with Pusha T ‘Black Card‘ and Jhene Aiko ‘French Riviera’. The first single of the album is ‘On est sur les nerfs’ and paradoxically to his numerous cheeky tracks, Joke took risks with some of the other songs on the album, for example ‘Paris’ with a jazzy element to it. He then again took a risk with another track ‘Ateyaba’, a sensible track, conscious, mature and denouncer as it tells the story of his granddad, who fought for France.

Successful bet for the artist. Let’s see what it comes next…


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