You said Fizzy Flow ?

scrufizzer grim fizzy flow

We introduce to you our very first post which we have chosen to share. One of our very favourites, a humble artist who deserves a wave of support for his immense talent. With his own creativity on word play and unique flow, at times it feels like hypnotism is taking place and his words are like a burst of machine gun fire, we can’t watch anything else whilst we’re watching him rap, regardless of wether it’s on YouTube or in the flesh himself.

We are of course talking about UK grime artist Scrufizzer. A very talented MC with a fizzy flow from west London who makes us discover his universe with his deep emotions and intense feelings through an amazing capacity of interpretation. In parallel, Scrufizzer knows very well how to make his public recognition with rythmical tracks like ‘Rap Rave‘, ‘Kick It‘ and the recent ‘Just Cool Nuh‘ with Linden Jay.

In 2011 he made an appearance on Dizzee Rascal’s mixtape ‘DIRTEETV.COM‘ on ‘Guts N Glory‘ and signed with a label of great promise ‘Black Butter Records’ in 2013. In the same year, he opened for Kendrick Lamar’s shows across the UK and made a track with Dany Brown ‘Dubstep‘. He has recently dropped a freestyle for his birthday titled ‘Mind‘.

We are waiting for the next installment which is his EP and also an album with impatience and high expectations!


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